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Foundry 4.0 Workshop Resources + Downloads

S2S Workshop Resources & Downloads

Comprehensive FOUNDRY 4.0 Steps-to-Success Workshop Downloads & Resources

Workshop Details:

Steps-to-Success Donsco Workshop Agenda

Steps-to-Success Lodge Workshop Agenda

Steps-to-Success Workshop Overview

Introducing our speakers & experts, the CBGI Industry 4.0 Assessment Tool & Workshop Overview

S2S Session 1 Downloads

#1 Exploration of Foundry 4.0, Evaluation Procedure, and Business Impact

Discover effective techniques for assessing Foundry 4.0, identifying deficiencies, and prioritizing opportunities to maximize business impact.


Foundry 4.0 Steps to Success Workshop Event 
ZOOM recorded workshop session(s), Downloads & Links

Speakers: Chris BUCK & Todd HUTCHESON 

Donsco Check-in & Networking

Welcome & Workshop Overview

01-F4.0 S2S Workshop Overview @ Donsco.mp4

01-F4.0 S2S Workshop Overview @ Donsco.pdf [Not available]


Speakers: Scott LAKEY & Todd HUTCHESON

Welcome & Workshop Overview


Speaker: Todd HUTCHESON

F4.0 Overview/ INTRODUCTION, Assessment Process & Business Value

02a-F4.0 S2S Overview, Assessment Process & Business Value_I4.0-THutcheson.mp4

02a-F4.0 S2S Overview, Assessment Process & Business Value_I4.0-THutcheson.pdf

02b-F4.0 S2S-Hutcheson Foundry - UNI CBGI I4.0 Assessment - Summary Report


Speaker: Todd HUTCHESON 

University of Northern Iowa Centers

About the Center for Business Growth & Innovation and ADVANCE IOWA.mp4

and the Center for Business Growth & Innovation // ADVANCE IOWA.pdf

About the UNI Foundry 4.0 and Metal Casting Centers.mp4

About the UNI Foundry 4.0 // Metal Casting Centers.pdf

S2S Session 2 Downloads 

#2 Design for Success, design for excellence (Dfx) 

Learn the cost-saving benefits of designing for automation excellence, contributing to overall cost reduction strategies.

Presentation with UNI expert Josh O'Dell as a .pdf download. 

About the UNI Foundry 4.0 & Metal Casting Centers .pdf

Speaker: Josh O’DELL

Designing for Automation & Foundry 4.0

03-F4.0 S2S Workshop Designing for Automation-JODell.mp4

03-F4.0 S2S Workshop Designing for Automation-JODell.pdf



Robotic Casting Finishing & Process Sensors

04-F4.0 S2S Workshop Robotic Casting Finishing & Process Sensors – SManternach.mp3

04-F4.0 S2S Workshop Robotic Casting Finishing & Process Sensors – SManternach.pdf


Speaker: Nate BRYANT

Sensor/PLC Applications, IoT & Data Analysis

05a-F4.0 S2S Workshop Sensor, PLC Applications, IoT & DatatAnalysis-NBryant.mp4

05a-F4.0 S2S Workshop Sensor, PLC Applications, IoT & DatatAnalysis-NBryant.pdf


05b-F4.0 S2S Workshop_Foundry Data Dashboarding-NBryant.mp4

05b-F4.0 S2S Workshop_Foundry Data Dashboarding-NBryant.pdf


S2S Session 3 Downloads 

#3 Technical Data Gathering and Analysis in Industry 4.0/Foundry 4.0

Explore the core role of data in Industry 4.0/Foundry 4.0, focusing on IoT sensor integration and the utilization of Big Data in the context of metal casting.

Presentations include:



Dual Robot with 3D Bin-picking System

06a-F4.0 S2S Workshop Dual Robot-DonscoTeam.mp4

06a-F4.0 S2S Workshop Dual Robot-DonscoTeam.pdf

Presentation with DONSCO experts as a .pdf download. 



Lodge Industry 4.0 Progress Update

06b-F4.0 S2S Workshop_Progress Update-LodgeTeam.mp4

06b-F4.0 S2S Workshop_Progress Update-LodgeTeam.pdf  [Not available]


Speaker: Andy PROKOP

The YSU ETC & Foundry/Post-processing Lab

07-F4.0 S2S Workshop Post-processing Lab-AProkop.mp4

07-F4.0 S2S Workshop Post-processing Lab-AProkop .pdf


Speakers: Josh/ Sam/ Nate/ Andy/ Donsco TEAM [Not available]

Donsco Panel Discussion with Q&A


Speakers: Josh/ Sam/ Nate/ Andy/ Lodge TEAM [Not available]

Lodge Panel Discussion with Q&A


S2S Session 4 Downloads 

#4 Organizational Rewilding and ReWild Business Assessment: A Dual Insight

Discover Organizational Rewilding, a strategy designed to promote sustainable business growth. Learn about the RBA's role in transformation, highlighted by key findings and success stories.

Ready to Gain Valuable Business Assessment Insight? 

LEARN more about Rewild Business Assessment or the ReWild Growth Groups by clicking each link. 


Growth Stages Presentation with Matthew Pohl, ReWild Founder & Owner as a .pdf download.

Business Assessment Presentation with Matthew Pohl as a pdf download. 

This ZOOM recorded workshop session(s):

Speaker: Matthew POHL (ReWild Group)

Organizational ReWilding: a step-by-step methodology

08a-F4.0 S2S Workshop_OrgRewilding-MPohl.mp4

08a-F4.0 S2S Workshop_OrgRewilding-MPohl.pdf



ReWilding Business Assessment & Growth Groups

08b-F4.0 S2S Workshop_Business Assessment+GrowthGroups-MPohl.mp4

08b-F4.0 S2S Workshop_Business Assessment+GrowthGroups-MPohl.pdf



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