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ReWild Business Assessment (RBA)

The ReWild Business Assessment is a comprehensive tool designed to provide clarity and actionable insights for business growth. Based on extensive research and observation of over 1,500 companies, this assessment offers an in-depth report that identifies key systemic elements missing from a business's ecosystem. The process involves completing an online questionnaire, which typically takes about 20-30 minutes. This questionnaire covers various aspects such as company basics, prioritization of People, Profit, and Process, challenges faced by the organization, confidence/caution levels, interactions among different organizational layers, leadership style, and progress on the Rules of Growth.

The assessment is particularly geared towards CEOs, as some of the questions are individualized, although input from other team members can be incorporated. Once completed, the responses are analyzed by a proprietary analytics engine, and the findings are presented in a 20-page report, offering a structured list of missing elements. This report is accompanied by a 60-minute one-on-one discussion with an Adviser to further delve into the findings.

The ReWild Business Assessment stands out due to its foundation in Organizational ReWilding, a methodology derived from over 30 years of research involving thousands of small and midsize businesses. It's backed by the RBA Value Guarantee, ensuring satisfaction with the insights provided. This guarantee reflects the confidence in the assessment's ability to yield valuable, transformative insights for businesses seeking growth and development.


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