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Our core mission is to support Small and Mid-Sized Enterprises (SME's) in Iowa and beyond. We focus on fostering business growth, cultivating innovation, and enabling seamless ownership transitions. To achieve this, we provide resources, networking platforms, and workshop and training programs. 

Advance Iowa Business Solutions, Programs and Services


Business GROWTH & Innovation

Our goals go beyond just understanding and addressing some of the unique challenges' businesses face, to understanding the evolving needs of businesses in the ever-changing market. Our business solutions are designed to eliminate obstacles by providing the essential tools and strategies needed to make informed decisions and create new opportunities for growth and sustainability, which include Foundry and Industry 4.0.


Business Ownership TRANSITION

Safeguarding the longevity and legacy of their enterprises, we equip business owners and employees with essential tools and strategies for making informed decisions. Additionally, we offer services to streamline exit and continuity planning, ensuring a seamless transition that optimizes business value. Find out more by clicking here.

We work with business owners to develop a transition plan that meets their post-ownership objectives. Our approach helps owners decide when they wish to exit, to whom they want to sell, and how much they would like to get for their ownership interest.


The Iowa Center for Employee Ownership (IA-CEO)

The Iowa Center for Employee Ownership (IA-CEO) is IOWA's central hub for Employee Ownership Education & Resources and is located within our main office. Our experts provide education and resources on alternative ownership models, such as employee/shared ownership, tailored to meet their vision and financial goals. For more information, please visit our IA-CEO pages or contact us directly. 


Seminars, TRAINING & Workshops 

Skill development for company leaders and employees is essential to the success of a healthy organization. Our workshops, seminars, and training programs introduce and develop skills and methods that deepen the understanding and application of business principles, strategies and innovation.


Network, CONNECTING, Events & Activities

External connections play an important role in a company’s success. We offer proven methods for business leaders that develop new perspectives, increase accountability, and provide powerful decision-making tools that lead to personal and professional development and growth.



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