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Advance Iowa Team

The Advance Iowa team has the proven capabilities and experience to deliver value to your firm. We have owned midsized businesses of our own and have firsthand experience of what it takes to continually navigate a dynamic business environment.

Dan Beenken

Dan Beenken serves as the Program Director and Lead Consultant for Advance Iowa. Prior to his current roles, his experience was in the asset management, venture capital and investment banking industries – most recently in business development and product management for RBC Dain Rauscher. Beenken has extensive experience working with early-stage firms on capital formation and exit strategies. He has also served as a business consultant at the University of Minnesota and Iowa State University. Dan holds a bachelor’s degree in finance and entrepreneurial management from Iowa State University and an MBA from the University of Minnesota’s Carlson School of Business.

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Dan Beenken

Paul Kinghorn

Paul Kinghorn is the Director of the Center for Business Growth & Innovation at the University of Northern Iowa which is known for its nationally recognized and award winning innovative programs in business assistance and development. Kinghorn has over twenty year’s consulting with businesses in all aspects of their operations with a special emphasis on ideation, startup, strategy, process efficiency and change management necessary for each client to achieve their desired objectives. He has held a number of management positions within public and private organizations and has been involved in a number of startups and early stage small business ventures. Paul continues to work closely with ownership and management teams to leverage the resources necessary to achieve desired results and to successfully grow and transform underperforming businesses into profitable ventures through targeted strategies. Paul received his Bachelor of Science in finance from Franklin University and his Masters of Business Administration from Ohio University.

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Paul Kinghorn

Jayne Kielman

Jayne Kielman serves as the Business Development Representative for Advance Iowa. Kielman’s early sales career included the retail, hospitality and advertising arenas where she developed an in depth understanding of what makes small and medium sized businesses successful. Jayne spent 16 years with Pfizer as a pharmaceutical representative winning two Gold Circle awards for top two percent sales achievement. Kielman specializes in connecting people, businesses and resources across Iowa. Jayne earned her marketing degree from Wartburg College in Waverly, Iowa.

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Jayne Kielman

Gary Nesteby

Gary has spent 43 years in the field of continual improvement, Quality and Performance Excellence. As the Founder and Executive Director of the Iowa Quality Center for 21 years, Gary was the leader in the development and implementation of the Iowa Recognition of Performance Excellence (IRPE.) He was a Director of the Alliance for Performance Excellence, which includes all state programs that feed the applicants into the National Baldrige Performance Excellence program.

Gary has spent the last 20 years assessing organizations in manufacturing, education, healthcare, nonprofit and government. His experience in systems thinking and the assessment tools of the Baldrige framework have given him opportunities to lead groups and address organizational gaps. Gary’s alignment with the CEO Peer Groups is a natural fit for business leaders needing to share best practices and learn from each other.

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Gary Nesteby Image

Heidi Vermeer-Quist

Dr. Heidi Vermeer-Quist is a Licensed Clinical Psychologist, a Family Business Consultant, and a third generation shareholder of Vermeer Corporation, a privately held family-owned business based on Iowa. 

At Vermeer Corporation, Heidi developed and facilitated the Ownership Council as well as various family business governance best practices. She served on the Board of Directors at Vermeer from 2014 – 2017 completing a full term as a Shareholder Director.

She continues to work closely with leaders of the Vermeer family and business to ensure healthy communication, alignment of goals, and growth of all persons involved.

Heidi and her husband, Chad, co-own and direct VQ Consult, their family business consulting practice, and also Heartland Christian Counseling, an outpatient mental health clinic serving the Des Moines area.

Heidi has presented the Vermeer Story of Family Business Governance at conferences through Loyola Family Business Center, FBN – USA, FBN – International, Prairie Family Business Center and other smaller family business gatherings.  She is certified on the Hogan assessment, Leadership Versatility Index, and Myers-Briggs Type Indicator to assist individuals and organizations in leadership development (particularly development of self-awareness and communication skills).  Heidi and Chad have worked with many family businesses, assisting them in developing family councils, family constitutions, and family business governance best practices.  In 2020, Heidi and Chad launched a “Next Gen in Family Business for Central Iowa” program, which offers large group gatherings at various family businesses and also Peer Advisory Groups.

In her clinical practice, Heidi continues to provide psychological treatment to people struggling with a variety of mental health and relational problems, and she offers regular trainings and supervision to her clinical staff.  Heidi actively teaches a variety of classes that incorporate stress management skills, positive psychology, resiliency, and effective communication.  She is writing a series of books, Gardening Your Life, which provide practical applications of best practices in the field of psychology integrated with Christian faith.   

Heidi received her Bachelors degrees in Psychology and Music from Calvin College and her Doctorate in Clinical Psychology from Wheaton College.

She resides in Urbandale, Iowa with Chad and their 3 kids.

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Heidi Vermeer-Quist Image