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Business Ownership TRANSITION

Business Ownership TRANSITION
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Business Ownership Transition



Business Ownership

Our process leads to creating a comprehensive plan for the smooth transition of ownership. This is done through leadership development, increasing the business value, and the strategic identification of potential buyers. An early step in this process is to create a plan that ensures the continuity of the organization while protecting its assets.

Employees may be the best option to transition company ownership. We assist owners in assessing whether an Employee Stock Ownership Plan, Employee Owned Cooperative, or the sale to a key management/employee group would be the best buyer resulting in a greater financial advantage for themselves while preserving the company legacy.




Business Valuations
Understanding the value of the business and future needs of the owners is essential to the transition planning process. Our services assist owners in converting the story of a company, its operational performance, history, brand, and market position into dollars and cents. Depending on the owner’s needs and the outcome of the valuation, we assist in developing strategies that lead to an increase in company value.



We work closely with our clients to develop a customized succession plan.

Over the years, we have been able to touch many industries and businesses throughout the state of Iowa. From thrift stores to ice cream shops and feed mills to welding supplies -- we are confident that we can fit your needs!

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Exit Planning Assessment

If you have thought about leaving your business but do not know how to begin, you are in good company. 

What to expect when you complete the Exit Planning Assessment:

- A written Exit Plan based on your goals, objectives, and concerns.

- ONLY after listening carefully to your answers to dozens of questions will we begin to create your Exit Plan

- A coordinated process that draws on the expertise of other advisors, because we know that your successful exit depends on it.


Simply complete the questionnaire and we’ll respond as soon as possible.

Most inquiries are answered within one business day: to connect with our team!


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