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Business Growth & Innovation

Business Growth and Innovation


As our client base expands, our focus sharpens on strategic planning, practical application, and innovative business initiatives. This adjustment empowers CBGI and ADVANCE IOWA to provide services that align with the evolving needs of businesses in the ever-changing market. Our team specializes in the development of actionable strategies for sustainable change. 

Our core mission at the UNI Center for Business Growth & Innovation (CBGI) is to support Small and Mid-Sized Enterprises (SME's) in Iowa and beyond. We focus on fostering business growth, cultivating innovation, and enabling seamless ownership transitions. To achieve this, we provide resources, networking platforms, and workshop and training programs. 

Explore the Foundry 4.0 Partnership and understand how our collaborative efforts can support your business in an era of innovation. 


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Challenges & Opportunities Ahead

Digitization, rising production costs, worker shortages, and supply chain issues are common manufacturing concerns. The foundry and the metal casting industries are no exception to this list of issues. Foundries across the nation are under constant pressure to improve their processes and overcome these challenges. Utilizing and incorporating new technologies and automation can move foundry work into a more profitable and sustainable future!

The obvious solution to the never-ending issues is to incorporate Industry 4.0 technologies into foundries everywhere.

FOUNDRY 4.0, Shaping the Future of an Industry! 

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