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Explore the fundamental aspects of Industry 4.0, its value, and benefits. 

The I4.0 Assessment Importance & Automation Overview - Module 1 marks the beginning of this exciting learning journey. All modules, once available, will be easily accessible on our website and YouTube channel, allowing you to learn at your own pace. 

This module also provides an overview of the I4.0 Assessment process and tools used by CBGI, along with a glimpse into plans for future process automation. The goal is to offer user-friendly, highly automated assessments leveraging Industry 4.0 technologies, as well as prioritized opportunities that deliver maximum business value to your organization.

Why Industry 4.0? AFS MC Congress

Todd E. Hutcheson presented at the AFS Metalcasting Congress (April 23, 2024).

In his session titled "Why INDUSTRY 4.0? Connecting Inputs to Assessments to KPIs to Business Value," Todd discussed the practical implications of Industry 4.0 and Foundry 4.0 for businesses. Gain valuable perspectives on the importance of assessments, the definition of value for your business and customers, and how to leverage Industry 4.0 technologies effectively. 

Why INDUSTRY 4.0? Connecting Inputs to Assessments to KPIs to Business Value

Gain insights and answers to questions such as:

- What does “Industry 4.0”, or “Foundry 4.0” mean to you?

- What constitutes “value” to your business?

- What constitutes “value” to your customers?

- Assessments ARE worthwhile. Why?

Download the I4.0 Assessment Importance & Automation Overview - Module 1presentation PDF by clicking here.

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Workshop materials & additional resource downloads: Ideal before and after the F4.0 Steps-to-Success Workshop Events.





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