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Organizational ReWilding Growth Groups

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Have you ever felt stuck in your business growth and need a clear, actionable plan to advance?  Transform Your Business Today and address the challenges faced by business leaders.


Addressing Pain Points

In the journey of business growth, leaders often face unique challenges that can hinder progress and affect decision-making. Addressing these pain points is crucial for sustainable development and success. Organizational ReWilding Growth Groups are specifically designed to assist in navigating these challenges:

  • Managing Complex Change: As businesses grow, they encounter increasing complexity in operations and management. Organizational ReWilding Growth Groups offer guidance on navigating these complexities with structured methodologies and peer insights.

  • Scaling Challenges: Scaling a business effectively during these stages can be daunting. The Growth Groups provide frameworks for scaling, addressing both operational challenges and market expansion strategies.

  • Leadership Evolution: The transition from a hands-on leader to a more strategic role is a common challenge. The program assists in this evolution, offering tools and advice on delegating effectively and leading larger teams.

  • Resource Allocation: Properly allocating resources, including time, money, and personnel, becomes more crucial and challenging in these stages. The Growth Groups help in prioritizing and optimizing resource allocation for sustainable growth.

What We Offer

  • Overview: A unique 18-month program with monthly meetings and full-day quarterly sessions, led by experienced Certified Advisers.

  • Who It's For: Ideal for business owners and leaders of companies with 10-50 employees, looking for a structured growth path.

  • Direction for Growth: Our model offers a clear, research-based growth pathway.


  1. Monthly expert-led meetings.

  2. Research-based growth principles.

  3. Comprehensive program materials.

  4. Access to online resources.

  5. Immediate practical applications.

  6. Optional one-on-one coaching.


  • Clear growth pathway.

  • Group accountability.

  • Effective communication.

  • Monthly hands-on application.

  • Sustained business growth.

  • Post-program momentum plan.


Key Topics Covered

By leverage our 30+ years of research and methodology, you will learn about:

  • Stages of Growth

  • Transition Zones

  • Non-Negotiable Rules

  • Revenue Groups & Circles

  • Offerings

  • Customer Segments

  • Gates of Focus

  • Builder-Protector Ratio

  • Brand & Core Values

  • Modality

  • Leadership Style

  • Functional Org Chart

  • Position Role Sheet

  • Three Faces of a Leader

  • Classic Challenges

  • Business Development Structure (Marketing, Sales, Customer Service)

  • Elements of an Exceptional Business

  • One-to-One Process

  • Growth Plan


The Organizational ReWilding Growth Groups program addresses various aspects of business growth, with a strong focus on the Stages of Growth and the concept of Transition Zones. Each stage brings its unique challenges and focus areas, requiring different strategies and leadership styles. As a company transitions from one stage to another, it encounters Transition Zones, periods of change characterized by either a Flood Zone, where work becomes overwhelming, or a Wind Tunnel, where existing processes and structures no longer suffice. These Transition Zones require specific leadership skills emphasizing structure, clarity, and focus to navigate the business through these turbulent periods successfully.


Another crucial aspect of the program is the Non-Negotiable Rules, spread across six foundational areas: Business Development, Business Model & Plan, Finance, Leadership, Operations, and Workplace Community. These rules are essential for a business to transition successfully from one stage to the next. Ignoring these rules can lead to an unbalanced ecosystem within the business, creating weaknesses and hampering growth. Organizational Rewilding growth Groups offers assessments and guidebooks tailored to each stage, providing business leaders with the necessary tools and knowledge to align their businesses with these growth principles.


For more detailed information on these topics and to download the Stages of Growth Matrix, visit  Be sure to indicate that the UNI Center for Business Growth and Innovation (CBGI) referred you.


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