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Unlocking the Potential of Industry 4.0

Posted on Wednesday, April 24th, 2024

WHY-INDUSTRY4_0_AFS Metalcasting_MC Congress 2024

Insights from Todd Hutcheson's AFS Metalcasting Congress on April 23, 2024...

Presentation Title: Why INDUSTRY 4.0? Connecting Inputs to Assessments to KPIs to Business Value

Todd E. Hutcheson, Executive in Residence at the UNI Center for Business Growth & Innovation, provided valuable insights into the practical implications of Industry 4.0 and Foundry 4.0 for businesses. Listeners gained a deeper understanding of the importance of assessments, the definition of value for their businesses and customers, and effective strategies for leveraging Industry 4.0 technologies.

Key points explored include:

- What does “Industry 4.0” or “Foundry 4.0” mean to you?

- What constitutes “value” to your business?

- What constitutes “value” to your customers?

- Why assessments ARE worthwhile.


Download your copy of the presentation to dive deeper into these crucial topics.


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