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Uncorking the Value of Your Business

Posted on Tuesday, March 12th, 2019
By Mark Hermann

Recently I spoke at the Iowa Wine Growers Association Annual Conference and got the opportunity meet business owners all over Iowa. After chatting with these amazing entrepreneurs, I have a better understanding of the challenges they face. The speech I gave at the conference was intended to showcase some of the services we provide at Advance Iowa, emphasizing out intentions to help business owners prepare their businesses for the future.

All businesses have challenges. At Advance Iowa, we have programs meant to specifically help business owners manage some of those challenges. One of our newest programs consists of events that give guidance to family run businesses and give business owners an opportunity to learn how other family run businesses overcame the challenges they faced in the past.

Visit our website to see how you can benefit from our services we provide for business owners. If you know other businesses who may not be aware of what we offer, please forward our newsletter to them. New events are being added all the time.