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Transformation Workshop

Fellow foundrymen, metal casters, and regional experts! 

Join us for the Foundry 4.0 Evolution Workshop, a 1-day event where participants will explore business tools and methods, and technological possibilities for strategic Industry 4.0 implementation, leading to long-term business profitability and success. 

Event Details! 

TBA & Coming soon, workshops are starting soon: Registration on Eventbrite

Event Location!  

TBA, Registration on Eventbrite

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Events are free of charge. In-person and virtual attendance is available.

Eventbrite registration for the free event is necessary, and seats are limited.  

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We have packed 2023 full of exciting events, workshops, and networking opportunities for foundries considering or interested in Industry 4.0 across the nation!

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Note: This project is sponsored by the Defense Logistics Agency Information Operations, J68, Research & Development, Ft. Belvoir, VA, and the DLA Troop Support, Philadelphia, PA.