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Our office is located in the Business and Community Services building at the University of Northern Iowa. For years, ADVANCE IOWA has been a trusted advisor and independent sounding board, offering a suite of programs and services for businesses of all sizes throughout the Mid-West. Our mission is based on a simple understanding that each business faces its own unique challenges. Our team delivers value to businesses by providing the tools to successfully navigate in an ever-changing environment. 


Business owners and their employees need to make wise and pivotal business decisions that maintain financial stability and allow for growth and sustainable longevity. 

That is the reason behind our extensive business solutions. 


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The customizable solutions are targeted to eliminate obstacles and create new opportunities for business owners and their employees.


Advance Iowa Business Solutions, Programs and Services


Business GROWTH & Innovation

Our team has years of experience using proven systems and is here to serve and guide company leadership to assess internal business operations and external environments to reach set goals and progress.

Business Ownership TRANSITION

We believe in teamwork. Our goal is to work with you, providing the strategic assistance and know-how needed to master transitions and reach your goals. Clarity and solid decision-making with effective workflow and less paperwork.


Need TRAINING or NETWORKING services? Check out our programs and services!




Our extensive programs and services are targeted to eliminate obstacles and create new business opportunities. The business owners and their employees receive the crucial know-how needed to make wise and pivotal business decisions that maintain financial stability and allow for growth and sustainable longevity. They can be stand-alone, one-time programs or long-term services and they can easily to be combined to create customized business solutions. 


Seminars, TRAINING & Workshops

Our workshops, seminars, and training programs introduce critical skills that deepen the understanding of business principles. Educate yourself for better decision-making, problem-solving, and future planning.






Network, CONNECTING, Events & Activities

No matter what industry you work in or your level of experience, professional networking is an essential means of sharing and exchanging best practice knowledge. Experience personal and professional development while discovering new perspectives and crafting ideas and reaching set goals through increased accountability.  







Take BUSINESS to the NEXT level and grow with us!

Let's WORK together!

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