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How to Claim Intellectual Property Rights

When UNI employees create a new, novel, and useful product, they should contact the Intellectual Property Officer for support in the intellectual property process. Timing of this disclosure is especially important. In order to obtain full intellectual property rights, the earliest communication is recommended. Disclosure to the IPC must be done before any type of public exposure, including publication or public presentation. Pre-patent public exposure can result in the loss of patent rights.

Detailed procedures to consider for claiming Intellectual Property rights are:

  • Patents & Trade Secrets

  • Copyright

  • Trademark


UNI programs, centers, departments, or individuals may file for copyrights without the assistance of the Intellectual Property Office at

If you would like assistance, you may contact University Counsel. Information on copyrights from a creator's perspective and from a user's perspective may be found at:

At UNI, faculty and staff have an obligation to disclose their research that might have IP potential. Graduate students whose research involves only secondary research resources do not have an obligation to disclose; however, graduate students whose research is primary, involves the creation of a product, process, algorithm, new terminology, etc. must contact the Intellectual Property Office to determine if they need to disclose.

Undergraduate students are not obligated to disclose; however, in order to receive guidance and technical assistance, disclosing may be recommended. Undergrads who disclose are eligible to receive help from the University. The full intellectual property policy is available here: Additionally, these policies may be important to you also: 9.03 Conflict of Interest, 9.54 Acceptable

Use of Information Technology Resources, 10.08 Distributed Learning, and IP Rights We encourage faculty, staff, and students to contact the IP office to discuss your potential intellectual property and if you need to officially disclose it to the University.


Reach out to our leaders directly: 

Bill Harwood, Science and Technology Officer, and Head Chemistry & Biochemistry 319-273-2052

Randy Pilkington, Research Foundation Chair and BCS Executive Director 319- 273-6945


UNI Members of the Intellectual Property Committee

The IPC reviews disclosures from faculty, staff, and students to determine if UNI has any interest in pursuing protection for potential intellectual property.

  • Paul Kinghorn, Intellectual Property Officer
  • Randy Pilkington, Co-chair, UNI Research Foundation
  • Bart Bergquist, Department of Biology
  • Bill Harwood, Department of Chemistry, Science and Technology Officer 
  • Tolif Hunt, Research & Sponsored Programs
  • Tim Kidd, Department of Physics
  • Tim McKenna, University Council
  • Hillery Oberle, Corporate & Foundation Relations
  • Paul Torre, Department of Communication Studies
  • Stacy Robinson, Advancement Financial Services
  • Jennifer Waldron, Associate Provost


Institutional Information for Proposals Legal Applicant/Grantee/Contractor Name:  University of Northern Iowa 

Official Applicant/Grantee/Contractor Address:

        Office of Research and Sponsored Programs
        213 East Bartlett
       Cedar Falls, IA 50614-0394



Type of Organization:  State-supported Institutions of higher education

U.S. Congressional District for UNI:  1st Iowa (IA-001)

U.S. Congressional Districts for all of Iowa:   Map of Congressional Districts (PDF)

Tax Exempt Status (proof of non-profit status):   Exempt.  UNI’s IRS tax status letter (PDF) 

Audit Report:  State of Iowa Single Audit Report


Authorized Institutional Representative - Primary Signing Official of All Formal Proposal/Awards

Tolif Hunt
Director of Research and Sponsored Programs

Office of Research and Sponsored Programs
213 East Bartlett, Cedar Falls, IA 50614-0394

Phone: 319-273-3217


Detailed information about Intellectual Property:

The U.S. Office of Patent and Trademarks can be found at:

The U.S. Copyright Office is found at:

Another good website is the Association of University Technology Transfer Managers at:


Common Numbers

Federal Employer Identification Number (FEIN) No.:               42-6004333

Dun and Bradstreet (DUNS) No.:                                                07-313-2623

Unique Entity Identifier:                                                              PLZ1BS2RC597

Human Subjects Assurance (FWA) No.:                                    00002159

Commercial and Government Entity (CAGE) Code:                  ØFV12

DHHS Entity ID No.:                                                                      1-426004333-A1

Federal Interagency Committee on Education (FICE) Code:    001869

NIH Institutional Profile No.:                                                         8049001

J-1 Visa Designation Number:                                                      P-1-01582

NCES ID/IPEDS ID:                                                                        154095


Facilities and Administrative (Indirect) Costs

The University’s federally negotiated indirect cost rates should be applied to ALL sponsored projects regardless of the type of funding agency or source of funds.  In limited circumstances, a reduction or waiver of indirect costs may be available but must be approved in advance by the Office of Research and Sponsored Programs.


UNI's Facilities and Administrative (Indirect) Cost Rate Agreement - Effective 7/1/2017-6/30/21 (PDF)

UNI's Facilities and Administrative (Indirect) Cost Rate Agreement - Effective **7/1/21-6/30/25** (PDF)

Guidance on Application of Facilities and Administrative Costs (PDF)

F&A Reduction Request Form (PDF - Fillable)


Other Commonly Required Information:

See Budget Development for links to fringe benefits, tuition, travel,and other rates.



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