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FOUNDRY 4.0 Workshops – Register Now!

Posted on Thursday, December 7th, 2023

Invitation: FOUNDRY 4.0 Workshop Event – Register Now!

Are you experiencing workforce, profitability, or cash flow challenges in your foundry operations?

Attend our workshop tailored for Foundry and Supply Chain Leaders – it's an opportunity worth considering! Engage in discussions with industry experts, explore growth possibilities, and take tours of advanced foundries. Gain valuable advice and essential tools to kick-start your journey to success. The two workshop events seamlessly blend in-person and online attendance options.

The comprehensive program includes four workshop sessions, starting with the first step, outlined as follows:

#1 Exploration of Foundry 4.0, Evaluation Procedure, and Business Impact

Discover effective techniques for assessing Foundry 4.0, identifying deficiencies, and prioritizing opportunities to maximize business impact.

#2 Design for Success, design for excellence (Dfx) 

Learn the cost-saving benefits of designing for automation excellence, contributing to overall cost reduction strategies.

#3 Technical Data Gathering and Analysis in Industry 4.0/Foundry 4.0

Explore the core role of data in Industry 4.0/Foundry 4.0, focusing on IoT sensor integration and the utilization of Big Data in the context of metal casting.

#4 Organizational Rewilding and ReWild Business Assessment: A Dual Insight

Discover Organizational Rewilding, a strategy designed to promote sustainable business growth. Learn about the RBA's role in transformation, highlighted by key findings and success stories.


Workshop Highlights

» Foundry 4.0 Unveiled
   Explore the essentials - Overview, Assessment, and Business Value.
» Strategic Automation & Design
   Learn efficient design strategies for automation in Foundry 4.0.
» Revolutionizing Casting
   Dive into Robotic Casting Finishing & Process Sensors.
» Smart Applications
   Explore Sensor/PLC Applications, IoT, and Data Analysis.
» Innovative Robotics
   Witness a Dual Robot with a 3D Bin-picking System in action. (Donsco Inc.)
» Technical Showcase
    Investigate Foundry 4.0 Operations Projects (Lodge Mfg.)
» Business Evolution
   Move from theoretical examples to tangible Business Innovation & Growth.
» Organizational Rewilding
   Gain insights grounded in the Stages of Growth for sustainable growth.
» Expert Panel Q&A
   Engage with YSU ETC, Foundry/Post-processing Lab, and 3D Scanner experts.
» Collaborative Discussions
   Participate in engaging discussions with industry experts.
» Networking Hub
   Foster connections, share insights, and stay updated on current trends.
» Foundry Tours
   Immerse yourself in daily comprehensive tours (in-person registration required).

Register on Eventbrite by clicking one of the image buttons below for one of the complimentary workshop events below. Attend either aat two locations: Donsco Inc. or Lodge Manufacturing and either in person or virtually. Limited spaces, act promptly!


Click here to secure your spot at Donsco Inc.Click here to secure your spot at Lodge Manufacturing.


Don't miss the "Steps to Success" with our Foundry 4.0 Partnership Team, Start your journey to success with expert advice and essential tools. Recorded sessions accessible after the events.

Improve your business's worth with our Industry 4.0 Assessment. Sign up to access advanced technology through the INDUSTRY 4.0 Survey & Registration Form. It's free and comes with no obligations.


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NOTE: This project is sponsored by the Defense Logistics Agency Information Operations, J68, Research & Development, Ft. Belvoir, VA, and the DLA Troop Support, Philadelphia, PA.