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Fair & Equal Compensation: Questions about Pay in a Family Business
» 8am – 10am | LIVE & Streaming

Fair is not always equal when it comes to compensation in a family business. For many family businesses, there is nothing more crucial, more dividing, or scary than conversations about pay.  No blueprint exists for how to “do compensation” in a way that won’t lead to conflict, however there are some important tips and ideas on how to talk about money in your family business in a healthy way.



Gold Medal, National Recognition, Top rankings // Award Winning Family Business!
» 8am – 10am | LIVE & Streaming

The family businesses featured in this session all have one thing in common … they have been recognized as a family business to watch! Discuss what makes a family business shine above the others and learn best practices, tips, and ideas to apply. Watch for a special event announcement for Thursday, May 20th!