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Iowa is facing the looming retirement of thousands of business owners. How do we help these business owners stay viable through the introduction of new leadership?

Join us on Wednesday, January 20th at 10 a.m. During this 45-minute webinar Daniel Beenken and Patrick Luensmann will explore the benefits of business succession to employees and the pros of employee ownership. Register Here



Fair & Equal Compensation: Questions about Pay in a Family Business
» 8am – 10am | LIVE & Streaming

Fair is not always equal when it comes to compensation in a family business. For many family businesses, there is nothing more crucial, more dividing, or scary than conversations about pay.  No blueprint exists for how to “do compensation” in a way that won’t lead to conflict, however there are some important tips and ideas on how to talk about money in your family business in a healthy way.



Gold Medal, National Recognition, Top rankings // Award Winning Family Business!
» 8am – 10am | LIVE & Streaming

The family businesses featured in this session all have one thing in common … they have been recognized as a family business to watch! Discuss what makes a family business shine above the others and learn best practices, tips, and ideas to apply. Watch for a special event announcement for Thursday, May 20th!