PeerSpective Groups

Learning from the experience of your peers is often the best way to guide decision making.

At Advance Iowa, we recognize this and offer CEO Peer Groups across the state so YOU can take advantage of this opportunity. You will leave each meeting with fresh ideas, increased accountability for results, along with personal and professional planning concepts, click here to learn more. Working with non-competing companies and industries, PeerSpectives provides a confidential environment to share challenges and learn from the experience of others. 


What makes Advance Iowa CEO PeerSpective Groups unique?

- Trained facilitators who are experts in peer learning and keep discussions on track and relevant

- Guidance on discussions to help keep discussions on track and relevant

- Experience-driven vs. advice-giving

- Balanced group participation in discussion

- A proven process that releases the groups genius 

- Chance to answers to pressing problems

Who should participate in Advance Iowa CEO PeerSpectives Groups?

- Leaders of second-stage companies (10-99 employees)

- CEOs looking to get unvarnished feedback that's hard to get from employees, family, or friends

- Those looking for better results from decisions

- Firms wanting additional support and coaching

How does it work?

Each month, the CEO PeerSpectives Group members get together to collaborate and find solutions to pressing issues in their businesses. This is selectively done in a confidential setting. In some instances, trainers or experts are brought in to provide additional support but either way, each participant is able to provide their own real-world experience. 

*CEO PeerSpectives is licensed by the Edward Lowe Foundation to use the PeerSpectives Roundtable System