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Girl SmilingTo us, the benefits and importance of family businesses networking together are clear. Our focus is on consulting through education and awareness, offering leadership and skill development, ecosystem building and networking opportunities, and a platform for peer learning. Our mission is committed to strengthening the viability and success of Iowa’s family owned businesses.

Whether you are currently struggling to create a family dynamic within your business, or if you feel your business is confident within functioning as family business, joining the UNI Family Business Center is for you!


  • Breakfast Series » unlimited seats for your family at all of our breakfast series events!
  • Next Generation Leadership Peer Group Discount » get a discounted seat for your rising family member with our program designed to identify, develop, network, and empower the next generation of Iowa Family Business Leaders. Woman Laughing
  • Online Community » connect with other Iowa family businesses in a safe and confidential on-line platform available any time.
  • CEO Peer Group Discount » this confidential group is focused on providing CEO’s an opportunity to problem solve and get creative with their peers. 
  • Bi-Monthly Newsletter » stay informed on the latest program updates, events and other news happening at the Family Business Center.
  • Strategic and Succession Planning Support » work with our team in a one-on-one or group environment at a discounted rate. 
  • Topical Workshops » Are there pain points we can help you with? Learn from our experts who will provide targeted education on critical family business issues. 
  • Awards Gala » we kick off our inaugural Iowa Family Business Awards Gala this spring. Here’s your chance to get discounted seats! 
  • Summer Golf Outing » a fun, networking event just for Iowa Family Businesses.

and much more...we are always exploring new ways to enhance our programming. Who knows what we will come up with next! People Meeting with Laptops

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