• Boost Series

    Learn the POWER OF DISCOVERY...

    In the upcoming months, Advance Iowa will be hosting a series of classes covering a variety of small business development subjects in the West Des Moines area.
    This series is designed to focus on key business developmental themes. These are areas that tools can be provided to overcome obstacles and help identify new business opportunities.

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  • UNI Ramping Up to Help Midsized Business

    The partnership between the University of Northern Iowa and Advance Iowa is strong, allowing for Advance Iowa to be extremely successful in the past year. As Advance Iowa enters its second full year of assisting midsized businesses across the State, they are gaining more attention not only from business but also from the economic development world.

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  • Our Success

    "Advance Iowa put Sterzing's on a path to penetrate a new market by using social media and leveraging its loyal customers based online. The Advance Iowa team helped Sterzing's create innovative, engaging posts on Facebook and introduced them to online retailers like Amazon.com that competitors were using."

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  • Welcome to Advance Iowa

    Advance Iowa is the State of Iowa’s comprehensive consulting program designed to work with midsized companies to enhance their growth. It is often lonely at the top for business owners, we are her to be a third party sounding board and trusted advisor. Advance Iowa assists firms in overcoming their obstacles and helps to identify new opportunities.

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  • Meet the AI Team!

    We are dedicated in seeing your business grow! We have diversified backgrounds in various areas and we have owned midsized companies ourselves! Contact the Advance Iowa team and get expert advice on your business.

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