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Professional networking events are vital to career growth and identifying future business opportunities. Our networks of similar professionals, other service providers, and recognition programs ensure an excellent source of new perspectives and ideas. In most cases, the knowledge provided by a group can be greater than the sum of its parts.



Advance Iowa Business Peer Groups



Peer Groups & Financial Statement Analysis Workshop



Our Business Peer-to-Peer Groups

Our Peer-to-Peer groups place business owners and key decision-makers in groups with skilled facilitators to share operational and planning ideas. Participants within each peer group act as a team of advisors for others, exchanging experienced insights, ideas, and strategies within a confidential environment. Due to consistent accountability, participants can integrate financial benchmarking and concepts into the ongoing process of monitoring their business growth and efficiency. 




What can you Gain?

Over 6.25 million Americans are currently in a peer group for support. Why? A peer group setting provides support and opportunities for participants to express and work through different issues of concern. Discussing topics with business leaders who are experiencing similar problems has significant, far-reaching benefits.


Leadership Benefits


» Improvements to business and operational practices 
» Builds confidence when working with key influencers
» Strategic development and planning
» Industry-specific case studies and real-life examples
» Diverse peer group participants

Financial Benefits

» An understanding of what drives profits and cash flows
» The ability to exercise more control over finances
» Regular financial and performance benchmarks
» Pricing techniques that immediately increase cash flow

What is the impact?

With consistent accountability, you can integrate benchmarking into your ongoing business processes. Working with a group of peers provides a pool of “best practices” to draw from when implementing your plans. You’ll achieve your goals quicker and more efficiently than by yourself.


Share and discover tools and resources that have helped fellow professionals excel in their careers. Leave with a tangible list of items that will help you grow in your career or business!


The knowledge provided by a group can be greater than the sum of its parts.

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