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GO TEAM! Economic Developers & UNI Advance Iowa

Posted on Tuesday, February 21st, 2017

Team-work /tem,werk/ noun | defined as:  cooperative or coordinated effort on the part of a group of persons acting together as a team or in the interest of a common cause. 

This term applies to the mission of Advance Iowa and its interest in working with economic developers throughout Iowa for the benefit of small and medium businesses.   The goal of UNI Advance Iowa is to work with businesses that are cornerstones to the communities throughout Iowa in keeping Iowa ownership and businesses growing!  It is good for everyone involved! 

George Lake, Bucannon County Economic Development Director comments, “I see my role in economic development as that of being an educator.  Folks operating their companies may not have the time to research available opportunities or may be unaware programs available.  I make the effort to learn about programs that are designed to help businesses and communities prosper.” 

Lake has done a wonderful job connecting businesses to the mission of UNI Advance Iowa. Kelly Boardewick, from Best Cob in Independence, Iowa currently participates in the UNI Advance Iowa PeerSpectives table that meets monthly in the Cedar Valley.  It is designed for CEO’s, business owners and key decision makers to have a forum to process ideas, opportunities and threats.  The PeerSpective’s table is a dedicated group of 8-12 people that meet in a confidential, non-competing,  professionally facilitated session each month.  The key benefit is to have the ability to walk away each month with better decision making skills and fresh ideas because each individual has had time to step outside of their business to work on their business. 

“The UNI Advance Iowa PeerSpectives table has been a great way for me to gain insight from others and have a confidential group to discuss issues that will have an impact on our business”, comments Kelly Boadewick from Best Cob. Boadewick was introduced to the services of UNI Advance Iowa through George Lake’s referral. 

“We love working with economic developers throughout the state. There are so many small and medium businesses that can benefit from starting to succession plan, the PeerSpective table and strategic planning.  Economic developers are key in identifying who these businesses are and in many cases working together to provide an introduction to Advance Iowa services”, says Jayne Kielman, business development manager at UNI Advance Iowa. 

If you have a business you would like Advance Iowa to connect with contact D

Dan Beenken

Phone: 319.273.4322


Jayne Kielman

Phone: 319.559.0050