Case Studies

Our recent client engagements show the work of thorough, knowledgeable and collaborative professionals who are determined to solve your business challenges and create value. Please click on the items below to learn more!

  • EmbarkIT

    West Des Moines Economic Development

    Anita said of her experience with Advance Iowa, “If any business and come to me and ask if I felt like it was advantages to work with Advance Iowa I would say absolutely, there is no doubt. Everybody and anybody needs help, another person in the room can always assist or help you with something. Its better having a group of people the going it alone.”

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  • Systems Equipment

    Allamakee Economic Development

    Early on Papp discussed the need for additional business development resources for the firm as they small amount of marking the company had been engaged in while hoped to expand into new domestic markets. Advance Iowa worked with SYSTEMS on what they could define as their niche while continuing to meet the needs of that market.

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  • Waterloo Tent & Tarp

    Greater Cedar Valley Alliance & Chamber

    As an early participant in the Advance Iowa program, Pete quickly became fully engaged in the services offered to stage-two companies across Iowa. He was able to interact with the team on a flexible time table for his schedule while having a second set of eyes look over some issues he was facing. “As a business owner, you can very easily get the blinders on because your job begins at black versus red. Through UNI and the Advance Iowa team, they brought the ability to have a 30,000 foot view of the business,” said Pete.

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  • Sterzing's Potato Chips

    Greater Burlington Partnership

    Advance Iowa provided Sterzing’s with information on the industry that the company had never received before. The data proved invaluable as Sterzing’s looks to branch into additional product lines and expand geographically. The research also identified new regulations in the food industry that could potentially affect Sterzing’s in the future. The company will now be able to get out in front of some of those changes and be proactive.

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    Greater Muscatine Chamber of Commerce & Industry

    The Advance Iowa team worked with Dave to identify areas of need as Northern Filter Media took their newest products, UltraPerl and Zeobest Ultra, to market. The company was directing these new products toward the pool and spa market and wanted to know more about the competition and client prospects in the industry. Reusswig said, “Our experience with Advance Iowa has been tremendous. They came up with ideas, client contacts, vendors, and strategies to implement a marketing plan to the pool industry.”

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