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Business Financial Analysis & Management Program


ADVANCE IOWA is passionate about helping small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) achieve goals leading to their success.

Through leadership engagement, we help improve company operations by assessing operational needs, developing strategic plans, providing leadership skill development, and utilizing services to ensure successful implementation.

Business Solutions BFA&M Program

An essential element of our service is the Business Financial Analysis & Management Program.

Simply: Measure, Manage & Succeed in taking your business to the next level!

What are your numbers telling you? Having better insight into what your financials are saying and utilizing the facts to help devise strategic plans is one of the core components of making pivotal business decisions. You will gain new insights into the world of business financials that address profitability while improving the cash position of the firm.

Financial Analysis, Strategy & Application Workshop

The Business Financial Statement Analysis Workshop establishes a core understanding of operational performance assessment through company financial statements analysis. Participants learn and understand how cash flows through a business. They also apply the learned to determine how future capital needs can be funded.




We understand that each business is unique, having different needs and challenges.

The SME Analysis, Strategy, and Application Workshop (#1 Standard) is a follow-on seminar that helps company leaders analyze their financial data and develop a Customized Action Plan (CAP).

This program is offered in a group setting and is delivered onsite and/or online.

Finally, ADVANCE IOWA offers Performance Peer Groups (#2 Professional) and One-on-One Coaching (#3 Premium) where key decision makers discuss with peers or their business coach the challenges and successes encountered while implementing the CAP within their organizations.

Let ADVANCE IOWA provide the fundamentals to help your business navigate the ever-changing circumstances that affect your company’s success.

After participating in this program, we are certain that you will never see your company and its finances the same way. 

Are you a key influencer who wants to assist customers to move toward positive change?

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