What is Advance Iowa?

Advance Iowa provides economic gardening services to mid-sized companies across Iowa. Advance Iowa, Iowa’s economic gardening program, structures itself as a growth strategy which focuses on providing information and tools to grow existing business from within their current framework.


To do this, our team of skilled researchers mine sophisticated databases, use high-end tools related to search engine optimization, geographic information systems and online presences. Some examples of our assistance include:


  • Refining a company’s core strategies and business models
  • Identifying market trends, prioritizing sales leads, competitive data and business opportunities
  • Raising visibility for a firm’s web presence via search engine optimization strategies
  • Presenting various forms of media to connect with customers and create buzz about products or services


Additional Resources

What to Expect in your Economic Gardening Engagement (PPT) - Click here to View



To learn more about the origin of economic gardening, visit the Edward Lowe Foundation website at www.edwardlowe.org and the National Center for Economic Gardening at www.nationalcentereg.org.